The guerillas only have survived to win;

Ladies and Lords, I am not praising the baleful land of Afghanistan even though my ancestors were Afghans. Decades of fighting, bloodsheds, hostilities come to the negotiation table at the end. Thirty years of bloodshed among different sects of Christianity come to an end, at the rise of the treaty Westphalia in 1648.


The treaty of Magna Carta (Great Charter), was held among the King of England and rebellions in 1215.

In the context of beleaguered Afghanistan, the country had a vibrant history of wars and plunder. It is worthwhile to explain that Afghanistan is the Bermuda Triangle of the East because it was the eastern crossroads of History. Located at the zero points of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asian subcontinent, the territory has been often trampled and violated by foreign occupation who came to loot, conquer, or inhabit India. In 1747, the year Durrani Dynasty, The Ahmed Shah Durrani united tribes and communities to create this country, The erstwhile highway became a garden of remembrance for invaders. Therefore, the fact is the invader faces little resistance from the conventional Afghan Army but fails to subdue the tribesmen and guerillas, who mastered the art of unconventional warfare. They always adopted a modified technique to subdue foreign aggression because they have not been able to confront the mighty army in conventional warfare. To fighting ghosts, who does not follow the rules of the game; Shun it and talk to them.
The Timing is one of the important things, when do you talk to them. You can not talk to any such organization that carries an explosion in a market place and you said, come, sit with us and talk to us. Only once you are quite convinced that this a genuine, in a sense that it has following, it appeals through some people. Even then are they on ascend? are they getting better during the last 5–6 years if yes, then hurry up talk to them before they get too strong, and start dictating even worst terms. But if they are on the decline, some people claimed that we have got them on the run, many have been destroyed. Even though, my suggestion would be talking to them, before they get desperate in any case the old wisdom says, ‘’ do not humiliate your opponent before he comes to the negotiation table’’. The British expeditionary forces had laid down their weapons against rebellions, the sole super of had come to negotiation in 1893 formed a Durand line. The Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Decades of bloodshed, explosions could not take over and collapse into pieces because of the money they had used on forces they become economically unstable. Colour revolutions developed when soviet was interested in external affairs. On the contrary, The on-going Peace talks in Doha between Americans imbroglios and the subsequent Mujahideen. Americans ensure to withdraw their forces before Chrismas, A long slugfest of Yankees has come to an end with shame and embarrassment.

Poor and innocent Afghans.

When everyone else has gone, beleaguered Afghanistan will enjoy the rest of epochs in peace.

I write for self-satisfaction...